• Healthy Hearing

8 Signs You May Have Hearing Loss

  1. You Have Trouble Understanding Others - You may be able to hear sounds, but not quite make out the words.
  2. You Have Trouble Hearing in Noisy Environments - Multiple background noises such as restaurants, can make hearing and understanding conversations difficult if you have a hearing loss.
  3. You Have Difficulty Understanding Women & Children - If you have a hearing loss, you may experience difficulty hearing or understanding words and speech patterns of women and children as both speak in higher pitches and softer tones.
  4. You Frequently Swap Ears When on the Phone - Frequent telephone ear swapping and becoming 'ear fatigued' may signal hearing loss.
  5. You Hear a 'Ringing' in Your Ears - If you have hearing loss, you may experience a ringing in the ears called tinnitus.
  6. You Watch Television Too Loudly for Others - If you're constantly needing to increase the volume, or others ask you to reduce the volume, you may require a hearing test.
  7. You're Physically or Mentally Fatigued - Concentrating to hear friends, family members, talk shows, and music can fatigue those with hearing loss.
  8. You're Often Told You 'Mumble' or Talk Too Loudly - If you have a hearing loss, your overall perception of sound has changed - even your own speech and pronunciation.